“Kobieta historia literatura”
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“The More I know, The Less I Understand. Young Researchers Essays on Witnessing Auschwitz”
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“Geograficzne Przestrzenie Utekstowione”
(Textualizing Geographical Space)
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„Kultura chłopska w optyce prasy społeczno kulturalnej lat 1944-48. „Warszawa” i dyskusje nad modelem kultury powojennej Polski”

(“Peasants’ Culture Through the Lens of Socio-Cultural Journals 1944-1948. „Warszawa” and Discussions on the Cultural Model of Postwar Poland”)
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(In Polish)

bulletAwards for Teaching

Killam Teaching Prize, UBC, 1999

UBC Polish Students’ Society Prize, 2008

The UBC Polish Students’ Association, Żak, presented Prof. Karwowska with a star named in her honour in recognition of her dedication to students as a mentor and to Polish studies as a strong leader. This award was later continued as an award in her name, given to student-voted pillars of the Vancouver Polish community. Recipients include Małgorzata Burczycka and Consul General Krzysztof Czapla.

Vancouver Consul General of the Republic of Poland, Krzysztof Czapla, (far right) after receiving the student-voted award “Nagroda w imięniu Profesor Bożeny Marii Karwowskiej za budowania mocnej Polonii” ~ “Award in the Name of Professor Bożena Maria Karwowska for the Building of a strong Polonia”. 2011

Prof. Marek Zaleski (far left) visiting from Warsaw.

bulletAwards for Service

Just Desserts Award, UBC AUS & AMS, 2000.

Witnessing Auschwitz

• May 6 – May 27, 2020